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It is well documented that music enhances brain development, and music is a high priority at Heritage College Knox. We have various options for keeping our students actively involved in their musical education, such as class music, instrument lessons, productions, choir and the Year 7 compulsory instrumental program. These are just a few of the programs we have available.


Students of Heritage College Knox have regular opportunities for both musical and dramatic performances. We consider expression through the creative arts an important aspect of student learning and experience, and have regular productions and concerts.


Sport forms a crucial part of every child's development. We incorporate physical movement into our curriculum as much as possible, with a range of organised sporting events that are accessible from Prep to Secondary School.

Our quality program provides many opportunities for the development and growth of every student as we encourage success, engagement, commitment, resilience, positive sportsmanship and a team-based culture.

Our students have the opportunity to play tennis, basketball and netball, as well as to participate in swimming, soccer and athletics. They compete regularly in interschool sporting events including cross country, in a safe and supportive environment.


All students study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Continual advances in technology change the way students learn, connect and interact every day. This program helps students to develop key skills including problem solving, creativity, critical analysis, teamwork, initiative, digital literacy, independent thinking and communication.The skills developed through our Technologies program provide our students with the foundation for success at school and beyond.


Australian Sign Language is the visual-gestural language of the Deaf community of Australia. Our students learn to use and appreciate Auslan as a full, complex language, culturally and grammatically unique from spoken English.

The study of Auslan as a language is socially and intellectually enriching for all students, helping them to develop an understanding of and respect for difference. It also reduces barriers to communication in the Australian community, develops cognition and literacy, and enables students to learn a second language with immediate, real-world potential.Learning Auslan as a second language enables students to engage meaningfully with a different language and culture, enhancing their understanding of their own language and culture.

Bible studies

We consider a knowledge of the Bible to be essential in helping young people to make informed decisions about their relationship with God.

Our students study the Heritage Spiritual Values, with a focus on building character, in addition to a range of Biblical topics such as historical events, prophecy, characters and the relevance of such things to today's world.Our secondary students have the opportunity to study the Book of Revelation, the life of Jesus and many other subjects of biblical interest with experienced and engaging tutors, as well as exploring the practical aspects of living a Christian life.