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We educate students for life: to become young leaders with godly values, confidence in learning and a willingness to serve their communities.

Principal's Welcome

Every day, I feel privileged to lead the community which makes this school such a vibrant place to learn. Taking a very personal approach to the business of education, we encourage each child who is entrusted to our care to grow in knowledge and in wisdom.

Heritage College offers students the opportunity to learn in an environment where God is a part of their lives and where they can develop characteristics such as kindness, honesty, gratitude, determination, patience and generosity, helping them to live fulfilling lives and contribute positively in our society.

Learning is important to us, and we recognise that learning requires an individual approach. Our teachers are learners, too. Using sound curriculum knowledge and an understanding of the many ways children learn, the teachers at Heritage College Knox are passionate, caring and skilled in engaging students in their learning.

Whether it is building the platform from which to take those early steps in reading and writing, or creating opportunities to explore their own limits in the indoor and outdoor worlds, Heritage College Knox provides opportunities for each of our students to develop confidence in themselves as successful learners.

We would like to invite you to come and investigate the very exciting world of Heritage College Knox.

Miss Maureen Theobald

Our Values


Each student’s learning journey is important. Learning at Heritage College is based on an in-depth knowledge of each student’s strengths, challenges and growth opportunities. We are interested in where students have come from and where they are going. To nurture personal growth our students are taught to be reflective learners and self-managers.


Learning never stops. How and when learning occurs is ever-changing and our teachers and students are encouraged to be curious, adventurous, investigative and craftsmanlike in their approach to learning. Creativity is not bound to any particular subject or location. To build creativity our students are taught to be creative thinkers and independent enquirers.


Heritage College is a place to belong, a place where problems are solved and relationships restored. Our staff and students are invited to be collaborative, open and empathic. To develop an inclusive learning community our students are taught to be effective participators and team workers.

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How we spend your donations and where it goes

We understand that when you make a  donation, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be transparent.

40% planting trees
35% cleanliness program
10% helping people
10% animal safety
5% feeding the poor
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