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The Sentral Portal is the primary means of communication between school staff and parents/guardians. If you do not currently have access please contact the school admin staff to request access.

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Uniform purchases

All uniform purchase are now made through Bob Stewart Uniforms located in Croydon.

Uniform policy

Our uniform is compulsory for all students and has been designed to promote a sense of belonging for students as well as create a positive identity for the school community.

During Terms 1 and 4 we have summer uniform which caters for the hot weather, while Terms 2 and 3 bring a warmer winter uniform. School sun hats must be worn at recess and lunch times and during outside activities throughout Terms 1 and 4.

Secondary book lists

Books required for years 7 and 8 in 2022 can be purchased through Lilydale books. Orders completed prior to December 12 will be delivered to the school free of charge.