Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer Scholarships?

Awarded on both student achievement and measured by the ACER test, scholarships are offered from Year 6. Applications open in September and the test is usually scheduled around February of the following year.

Is uniform compulsory?

To encourage the sense of wellbeing and community, our uniform is compulsory for all students. Our students wear their uniform with pride and our uniform guidelines are upheld.

Do I have to be a regular church attendee to enrol my child?

An understanding and acceptance of the existence and authority of God is essential. Prayers occur regularly on campus and students are provided with a safe space to talk about their faith and commitment to God.

Do you provide Before and After School Care?

Not currently. We recommend Camp Australia or you can search for out of school care here.

How can I pay my school fees?

Payments can be made by credit card or direct debit. Updated information on fees is available through our Parent Portal.

Does my child need a laptop?

Primary students have access to their own Chromebook which is kept on campus and owned by HCK. From Year 7, students have their own device and families are recommended to purchase directly through our own supplier. MacBooks are not permitted in Years 7-9.

How soon should I enrol my child?

Waiting lists have commenced for some classes, so we encourage parents to enrol as early as possible to ensure every child has the opportunity for a Heritage College Knox education.

Are parents or guardians allowed to volunteer on campus?

We welcome family involvement and there are many ways in which you can contribute from supervising reading, volunteering in gardening club, assisting on committees etc. Please contact reception if you would like to offer your services.