Our team

Our team is an enthusiastic, dedicated group chosen for their diverse skills and enthusiasm for creating a love of learning in each individual student.

One of our fundamental beliefs at Heritage College Knox is that learning is fun! We believe that there is nothing more enjoyable than the glow of achievement that comes from learning to overcome a challenge, to persevere and to succeed. It can be difficult, but it creates resilience as well as joy – the joy of working together, the joy of creativity, the joy of celebration.

Ms Maureen Theobald
Mrs Mishael Figueira
Head of Instrumental Music
Mr John Monastirli
Maths Specialist
Mr Martin King
Maths and Science Teacher
Ms Cole Muldoon
Class Teacher
Miss Loren O’Connor
Class Teacher & Head of Art
Miss Kiri Ullman
Class Teacher & Head of Music
Mr Liam Carusi
Secondary Sports and Health Teacher
Mr Daniel Warden
Class Teacher
Mrs Kim Morrison
Teacher Assistant & Wellbeing Coordinator
Mrs Anita John
Learning Support
Mrs Jacqui Heron
Teacher Assistant
Mrs Helen Snelling
Teacher Assistant
Mrs Natalie Luckhurst
Teacher Assistant
Mrs Felicity Thomas
Teacher Assistant
Miss Indyah Hurley
Teacher Assistant
Miss Kezia Dodson
Teacher Assistant


The College Board aims for continuity and longevity of service from Board Members to ensure that the school has stability into the future. The Board meets regularly throughout the year to consider the educational, financial, operational and strategic issues that the school faces from a governance perspective. The Board works closely with the School Principal to ensure that the school delivers the best possible educational outcomes and that the school embraces continuous improvement. The members of the School Board are selected with a view to their individual expertise and their ability to contribute to the governance responsibilities of the Board.