Secondary School

YEARS 7 - 10

At Heritage College Knox, we offer a unique, diverse and exciting curriculum that promises to engage our students and prepare them for rewarding careers.

High school is about introducing the core disciplines and areas of knowledge that underpin our world today. Our students begin to find their future pathways as they study these areas.

While focusing on the eight core learning areas in the Victorian Curriculum, we also provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities for our secondary students. Commencing the year with an Adventure Camp to encourage friendships and team building, Year 7 students also participate in our brass instrumental musical program.

Heritage College Knox provides a stable, academically-driven education through to VCE in Years 11 and 12, with several alternative pathways such as the Heritage Masters, The Heritage Apprenticeship, Duke of Edinburgh and the Vivace Music Program.

We encourage our students to work together, collaborate and become productive members of the group. Students consider spiritual values such as kindness, honesty, courage and respect, which are part of the fabric of the college, as they strive to incorporate them in their lives.