Our Approach

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Tailor Made Learning Program

Heritage College Knox understands that each child is unique. Recognising differences is the first step in offering every student their own personalised education. We offer extra support in a variety of ways, such as one-on-one learning and individualised education plans which are updated regularly as the student learns and grows.

Similarly, for those who excel in various areas, we offer both acceleration (working through the curriculum more quickly) and enrichment (broadening and deepening skills) programs.Every student is seen, every student is valued, every student receives an education that is tailored to their needs.

Christian Education

As a Christian school, an understanding and appreciation of Bible principles is taught directly in regular Bible lessons, as well as being embedded in the school's ethos and daily practice. These Bible lessons teach the stories and themes of the Bible to help students develop an understanding of the word of God and an appreciation of their role in His purpose.

How we teach

We understand that every student learns differently and every educational experience is unique. To ensure that all students can plan their future with confidence, we offer a variety of pathways to assist in achieving their desired outcomes.

From the Vivace Music Program to the Heritage Masters, we have compiled a curriculum that caters for every individual while supporting them with dedicated staff.

Heritage's VCE curriculum follows the VCAA requirements and study designs, with a balanced focus on Christian values.

Heritage College Knox's VCE program equips students with life skills for tertiary or further study, and enables them to enter the community as confident, contributing citizens with strong moral values.


The mental and physical health of our students is our priority. Our Wellbeing Coordinator is accessible to every student, parent or guardian, and we ensure that we also provide safe spaces to unwind, rebalance and refocus.

Every student is valued for their strengths, supported in their challenges and encouraged to reach their full potential.