Secondary School

Heritage College Knox has some unique opportunities for those interested in a Secondary School that offers the chance to explore areas of interest or passion or just the space and support to explore. Students in our Secondary School study a regular program of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Physical Education for half their studies. However, it is the other half that offers something unique with an interesting and traditional range of elective studies. 

Vivace Music Program

Just like the meaning of vivace (fast and lively), students with a passion for Music can study Music in an exciting, fast paced atmosphere. This is a dedicated 12-month course, rather than the standard semester. Providing the scope for students to immerse themselves in their love of Music with in-depth studies that lay the foundation to explore music as a future with master classes, industry training and preparation for an early start to VCE.

Duke of Edinburgh Program

This program is well known and continues the Heritage tradition with service, learning and Outdoor Education. Students will develop new skills, participate in the peer tutoring program, and enjoy the challenge of the outdoors with a range of outdoor activities such as sailing, abseiling, canoeing, hiking, and camping.

Apprenticeship Program

Specifically designed for students who have an interest in building, this unique course uses the apprenticeship model of training. Students are given the opportunity to learn valuable building skills. They finish their studies as apprentices by designing and building a specialised large-scale project.

The Heritage Masters

In this program students can design and plan their own elective, with many options such as writing a novel, investigating a Maths theorem, researching anything from history, religion, a social issue or climate change. Using the initiative of the student to set the project and obtain necessary approval, students work with a mentor to support and guide their study. 

Together with these year-long electives, there is also a wide range of choice for students to top up their course with other semester length elective studies which include Food Technology, Furniture Restoration, Study of the book of Revelation, Auslan, the Science of Crime, Leadership, Art in 3 Dimensions, Robotics and 3D Design.