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The early literacy program at HCK can open up a world of potential, opportunity and creativity. A place where your child can thrive.

With the best start to learning in Prep at Heritage College Knox, all students can move on to Year 1 and beyond with confidence and a genuine love of school and learning.

There’s a reason the Australian Curriculum calls it ‘Foundation’ - the first year of primary schooling sets the stage for lifelong learning and the development of academic and social skills needed for future success.

In the space of just one year, children begin to read and write words, add and subtract numbers, throw and catch a ball, and share and communicate with others. With the highly skilled, empathetic teachers at Heritage College, who understand not only what children need to learn, but how and why.

Our prep students are surrounded by a supportive and caring classroom, where every child feels safe to take positive risks without fear.

The Heritage College approach to reading and spelling in the early years draws on best practice from research with an emphasis on oral language, quality literature, phonics and phonemic awareness, letter formation and fine motor development.

Early literacy success opens up a world of potential, opportunity, creativity and imagination for children.

The College uses the Little Learners Love Literacy program to deliver evidence-based systematic synthetic phonics instruction through engaging multisensory activities.

Heritage College Knox strives to provide the best opportunity for all students to reach their potential through individualised, play-based, evidence-led learning for all children in the early primary years.

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