Bequests and Donations


Heritage College The Basin is very pleased to receive any bequests or donations. Bequests can make a huge difference to our capacity to meet our school improvement goals.

If you wish to leave a financial bequest to our school in your will it would be greatly appreciated. It will greatly assist us to improve the school’s facilities to ensure the best educational outcomes for students.

Please make any bequests to Christadelphian Heritage College Melbourne Inc. The following is an example of the wording that could be used, or contact for further information

“I GIVE to Christadelphian Heritage College Melbourne Inc the sum of $### to be applied for the general purposes of the College, in such manner as its Board of governors may determine and I DECLARE that the receipt of the Treasurer or other appropriate officer of the Christadelphian Heritage College Melbourne Inc at the date of my death shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executor.”


Tax-Deductible Donations

Any person or business can make a tax deductible donation to the Heritage College Building Fund. Please contact the school office on to make a donation and request a tax receipt.

To donate or deposit funds to the school please use details below. You can email to let us know.

Acc Name: Christadelphian Heritage College Melbourne Inc
Bank: ANZ Bank Ringwood
BSB: 013 414
Account No: 4786 47612