Teaching and Learning

At Heritage College teachers work closely to explore, develop and implement effective pedagogy that builds student learning power and aligns with the College values.


Each student’s learning journey is important. Learning at Heritage College is based on an in-depth knowledge of each student’s strengths, challenges and growth opportunities. We are interested in where students have come from and where they are going. To nurture personal growth our students are taught to be reflective learners and self-managers.


Learning never stops. How and when learning occurs is ever-changing and our teachers and students are encouraged to be curious, adventurous, investigative and craftsmanlike in their approach to learning. Creativity is not bound to any particular subject or location. To build creativity our students are taught to be creative thinkers and independent enquirers.


Heritage College is a place to belong, a place where problems are solved and relationships restored. Our staff and students are invited to be collaborative, open and empathic. To develop an inclusive learning community our students are taught to be effective participators and team workers.

To enliven these values the Heritage College teaching and learning program incorporates:

  • A foundation that fosters Godly attitudes and values
  • The needs and abilities of individual students
  • A composite class environment (2 – 3 academic year levels)
  • Meaningful evaluation and continuous individual student records
  • Relevant reporting to and communication with parents as learning partners
  • Student participation in planning and learning goal setting
  • Access to creative and diverse learning experiences

Heritage Curriculum

The Curriculum at Heritage College is delivered using the Australian Curriculum Framework. Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and refreshed according to educational needs and can be found in our Curriculum Framework available on the Parent Portal. The curriculum covers these 10 main learning areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • The Arts
  • Languages – AUSLAN
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Technology
  • Religious Education
  • Outdoor Education


Quality Teaching

Heritage College fosters a professional growth culture where learning never ends – especially for our teachers. Our highly qualified staff undertake continuous professional development through the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework to ensure our students have the best possible learning experience and environment.

Our teacher and students are supported by education support staff who assist in the delivery of a comprehensive program for students with individual needs and learning support. Through our small, multi-age classes, learning at Heritage College helps students to soar and to be supported when they need it the most.

Our teachers believe that children learn:

  • When they believe they can and have a growth mindset
  • When they find joy in learning and creativity
  • When they are in community – a place of care and connection